#FridayReads is one of the most popular Twitter hashtags, used throughout the week with thousands chiming on Fridays, when Bethanne, who tweets under the handle @TheBookMaven, shares observations, inspirational quotes, news items and more — including what she’s read that week, which sometimes means as many as five books.

#FridayReads started in the summer of 2009 when Bethanne, home with a broken leg, wanted to know what her Twitter followers were reading.  She asked the simple question, “What are you reading today?” and, since it happened to be Friday, included the hashtag #FridayReads. Dozens of followers responded; Bethanne had clearly touched a nerve. Inspired by the enthusiasm, she started asking the question every Friday. #FridayReads grew steadily, and by December 2010, weekly participation had reached into the thousands.

Since then, #FridayReads has grown into an international phenomenon with readers from around the world sharing their reads and thoughts, too. Today, Bethanne’s @TheBookMaven has a following of over 175,000 built largely around #FridayReads, a conversation that started as a simple question and now includes tweets about publishing news, literary reviews, books in their many forms, and, first and foremost, a passion for reading.

Watch this space as #FridayReads, under Bethanne’s @TheBookMaven, rolls out themed chats, author interviews and more in the coming months.

Full disclosure: Bethanne sometimes conducts sponsored chats with authors, publishers and agents on Twitter. She follows the revised FTC Guidelines that were released on March 13, 2013.


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